Albert Mohler on Fox News discussing Newsweek’s cover story attacking Christianity

Albert Mohler was on Fox News this morning discussing Newsweek‘s recent cover story attacking Christianity. As I mentioned yesterday, this article is really bad, and Mohler does a fine job briefly explaining why. You can read Mohler’s full critique of the Newsweek article here.


  • Kenneth Abbott

    I caught Dr. Mohler’s appearance this morning. The poor man hardly had any time to put together more than a few sentences that in the next hour the show’s producers turned into three sound bites. Sure wish some media outlet would do a substantive interview with Dr. Mohler or Dr. Kruger. Dr. Daniel Wallace has done a nice take-down of the Newsweek article as well.

    • David Casper

      I always enjoy hearing Dr. Mohler speak and consider him right there with Billy Graham. I am a 52 year old student at SBTS and have found it to be an incredible educational opportunity which would have not have been the same level of blessing prior to Dr. Mohler turning the seminary around. He is what a conservative leader and commentator should be. He speaks the truth with courage, conviction, and the love of God. I would boycott News Week, but I never bought their magazine prior to this incident..

  • James Harold Thomas

    Eichenwald reminds me of that reporter in “God’s Not Dead” who ambushed the Robertsons on their way to church and wondered aloud why Korie wasn’t at home, pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen.

  • Curt Day

    Certainly, there are things written in the Newsweek article on which Christians would rightfully disagree. But I don’t see the article to be the kind of attack on Christianity which some are saying it is. Rather, the article does challenge the Christianity of some conservative Christians who wear their religion on their sleeves.

    • Andrew Orlovsky


      With the content of his article, the guy takes a swipe at everyone who calls him or herself a Christian, not just those whom you disagree with politically. You do not have to be a Republican to see than Bart Ehrman’s view of the New Testament is of a complete non-believer and runs counter to all branches of Christianity, whether it be Reformed, Wesleyan, Catholic, Orthodox, or Anabaptist.

      Maybe he does make a good point of challenging the Fred Phelps’ of the world, but so what. Every evangelical leader has already condemned Fred Phelps. Phelps actually threatened to picket Jerry Falwell’s funeral (not sure if he actually did). Sure, Eichelwald is most vitriolic toward “hateful” christians, but in the same way white supremists are most vitriolic toward black criminals.If anything, Eichelwald trying to lump all Christians in with Fred Phelps is akin to the white supremists trying to lump all black people in with the criminal element.

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