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The provocative Christian movie trailer that I saw before “Unbroken”

When I went to see Unbroken last week, the theater I was in screened a trailer for a movie called Pass the Light (see above). I have no idea what this movie is going to be like, but I thought the trailer was provocative—especially for a “Christian” movie. Some first impressions from the trailer:

1. Yes, that is Uncle Rico playing the part of the wicked politician. I don’t know about his acting chops, but I’m told he can throw a football clear over that mountain.

2. No, I have never heard any candidate for the United States Congress run on a platform of “casting out” the liars, the immoral, the lustful, the greedy, and the sodomites. But apparently that is what Uncle Rico does in this movie.

3. Yes, the slogan “all one” falls short of the message of Galatians 3:28 (see clip below). But maybe the rest of the movie will somehow mitigate the errors in the character’s remarks about this verse. We’ll see.

4. Yes, I confess that I am a bit skeptical, but we will reserve final judgment until after we’ve seen the movie. It releases in theaters on February 6.


  • Don Johnson

    I can see that the antagonist is a straw man, but notice how all the people who saw the movie in the second video did not see it that way.

  • Esther O'Reilly

    I read a Dove Foundation content run-down which said the main character expresses that he is “not sure about homosexuality” (not sure whether it’s good, bad, etc., that is). Does not look good.

    Anyway, the movie looks so abysmally bad on every other level that it’s sure to tank in any event. Hopefully it will just quietly go away. Unless it gets a lot of press just because it’s also being shallow and anti-conservative, which would be a real shame.

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