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“The Today Show” Looks at Best Colleges

On “The Today Show” this morning, Robert Franek, author of Princeton Review’s The Best 376 Colleges, talks about the schools that were top-ranked in such categories as great financial aid, best professors and top party school.

I learned today that there is also a category that they rank called “the best stone-cold sober school”—the opposite of the best party school. Brigham Young has a long streak at the top of this list, but Wheaton College ranked number two. Here are others who made the list:

Brigham Young University

Wheaton College

Wesleyan College

United States Coast Guard Academy

United States Military Academy

United States Naval Academy

Calvin College

Grove City College

Pepperdine University

City University Of New York–Brooklyn College

You can watch the video above. You can order the book here.


  • D.R. Randle

    I find it interesting that Wheaton continues to make the “sober” list despite its more open alcohol policy which was roundly criticized by some Southern Baptists back when it changed from a much stricter policy in 2003. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere concerning legalism and Sola Scriptura, but I will leave that up to my non-teetotaling brethren to make.

  • Paula

    Note that these are based on 80-question surveys administered to the students.

    Here’s the link to the list, which includes a lot more categories (registration required for some features). Paradoxically, Wheaton comes in #8 for “Don’t Inhale.” Wheaton is also #1 for LGBT-unfriendly, #4 for most religious, and #16 for most conservative.

    A few other interesting items:

    Most Religious:
    #1 Brigham Young
    #2 Hillsdale College
    #3 Thomas Aquinas
    #4 Wheaton
    #5 Grove City

    Most Conservative (political views)
    #1 Hillsdale College
    #2 Thomas Aquinas
    #3 Texas A & M
    #4 Grove City
    #5 U.S. Air Force Academy

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