Alan Chambers says “sin is irrelevant.” Is he right?

Alan Chambers has given another very troubling interview in which he declares that “sin is irrelevant” for Christians. Chambers is the former head of the now defunct Exodus International—an umbrella organization for a number of different ex-gay ministries that support reparative therapy. In recent years, Chambers has repudiated his former support of reparative therapy and has apologized to the gay community for his former work.

Chambers’s remarks in this most recent interview are riddled with biblical and theological error, and I am not going to attempt a comprehensive response. But I do want to comment on two items: Continue Reading →

Matt Bevin’s family tragedy and strong Christian faith

Earlier this evening, the news broke that Matt Bevin was elected as the next governor of Kentucky. As that news rippled across the country, what may not have been as well known is Bevin’s fervent Christian faith and connection to Southern Seminary where I teach. Several years ago, Bevin endowed our school’s center for global missions. This came about as a result of a devastating family tragedy. You can hear Bevin share the story above in his own words, or you can read Aaron Hanbury’s 2012 report below. Don’t miss this one. Continue Reading →

Miami beats Duke on an impossible final play

If you missed the ending of the Miami vs. Duke game, you need to see this. With only six seconds left in the game and with only a three point lead, Duke kicks off to Miami. Miami does about eight Rugby laterals before running the ball in for a touchdown after time had expired. There are a lot of folks saying that the officials blew it on this play. They may be right. Still, this is one for the ages.

The unlikely play is above. Miami’s interim head coach’s shocked response is below. The player who made the touchdown–Corn Elder–comments below that. Wow. Continue Reading →

Ross Douthat takes the Roman Catholic academy to the woodshed

Last Monday, a cadre of Roman Catholic theologians wrote a letter to the powers-that-be at The New York Times complaining about Ross Douthat’s unwashed views about Catholic theology. In particular, they were perturbed at Douthat’s remarks about marriage in the wake of the recent Synod on the Family. These theologians argued that a layman like Douthat had no business opining on things he is not credentialed to opine on. It was a snarky, elitist argument aimed at shaming the Times into silencing Douthat. Continue Reading →

Interview with Apologia Radio about “Transforming Homosexuality”

I had the privilege of talking to the Lady, the Bear, and the Ninja about my new book that I wrote with Heath Lambert, Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible Teaches about Sexual Orientation and Change. These three are the main personalities at Apologia Radio, and it was a stimulating conversation. Also, these guys are real characters and run a great show. You can watch the video here.

Trump tells voters he’s a “great Christian”

In the wake of sagging poll numbers in Iowa, Donald Trump assures Iowa voters that he is a “great Christian.” At a rally in Sioux City, he declared:

Will you get these numbers up? I promise you I will do such a good job. First of all, I am a great Christian. And I do well with the evangelicals, but the evangelicals let me down a little bit this month. I don’t know what I did.

NPR reports that Trump’s campaign has been handing out pictures of his 1959 confirmation ceremony in an attempt to establish his Christian bona fides.

I doubt that anyone is buying this. I’m not questioning the fact that he is Presbyterian or that he goes to Christian churches when he goes to church (which is very rare by his own admission). I am questioning the suggestion that what he means by Christian is what evangelicals mean by Christian. Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood doctor admits to felony

In the most recent Planned Parenthood video, a Planned Parenthood doctor admits to committing a federal felony in her abortion practice. She describes performing partial birth abortions in an effort to prevent damage to the baby body parts that they intend to sell. Watch above. As you watch, keep in mind the federal laws in question: Continue Reading →

From the Bahá’í Faith to Porn to Alpha to Jesus

Christianity Today has a fascinating testimony from Emily Armstrong. She narrates her journey from unbelief to faith and how the Lord got her there.

I love hearing people’s conversion stories. It’s a constant reminder that God is at work in the world and is doing miracles that the world doesn’t notice. As the Lord himself taught us, “The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8).

Read Emily’s story here. Continue Reading →

Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown travel from 1985 to visit Jimmy Kimmel

October 21, 2015 was unofficially declared “Back to the Future Day” across America this week as movie fans marked the day that Marty McFly landed his fictional time machine in the future. The hashtags #BackToFutureDay and #BackToTheFuture were trending on Twitter as viewers riffed on themes and catchphrases from the iconic movie.

My favorite contribution to the meme, however, was Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd reprised their roles for the appearance, and it was really well done. It also included a cameo from Huey Lewis. Watch it above.

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