You Must Be Born Again – Part 2 – John 3:6-15

Did you know that the human condition has been so corrupted by sin that apart from grace not a single one of us would give a fig about God, the cross, the Bible, the resurrection, judgment, eternal life. The Bible says that apart from grace, all of those spiritual realities—those ultimate realities—would be foolishness to us (1 Cor. 2:14).

This is the human condition, and it really is desperate. We are corrupted by sin and headed for damnation, and yet we don’t have it in us to seek out or even to want the salvation that God has provided. Left to ourselves, we open the Bible or we hear the gospel, and they leave us cold. Indifferent.

So what does God do to address the fact that we are so broken that we don’t even want what He spent all his love to provide for us? Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus on the new birth answers that question for us.

For the whole sermon, listen below.