Fred Luter: ABC News’ Person of the Week

ABC News has selected Fred Luter as their person of the week (HT: Russell Moore). See above Diane Sawyer’s report and interview from earlier this evening. The YouTube version is here. My favorite part is when Luter says that his mother gave him the gift of a “drug.” He says, “She drug me to church every week.”

It was also interesting to see the pictures of past SBC presidents flash across the screen. It’s not your everyday fare for the nightly news, but there it is. The picture is below. You get a 100 points in the big book in the sky if you can name all these faces.

One Response to Fred Luter: ABC News’ Person of the Week

  1. Adam Winters June 22, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    Re: The presidential wall…

    First thing I noticed was two James P.B.s! Because one just isn’t enough?

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