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Do infants who die go to heaven?

Several years ago, Danny Akin and Albert Mohler wrote a short article explaining why they believe children who die go to heaven. Today, Danny Akin offers a revised version of that argument, and you can read it here. Akin writes:

I believe that there are good reasons biblically and theologically for believing that God saves all who die and who do not reach a stage of moral understanding and accountability. Scripture may not speak to this issue directly, but there is sufficient evidence that would lead us to affirm that God receives into heaven all who have died in infancy. Some evidence is stronger than others, but cumulatively they marshall strong support for infant salvation. I will note six of them.

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An IMB Trustee on David Platt’s Election

Hershel York is one of the trustees who yesterday elected David Platt as the new President of the SBC’s International Mission Board (IMB). In a blog post today, he answers the concerns that some have raised about Platt’s assuming this role. Southern Baptists who have had such concerns should read what York has to say. His commendation and exhortation at the end are particularly relevant. He writes:

I’ve been in ministry all of my adult life. I’ve known Adrian Rogers, W. A. Criswell, Stephen Olford, John Stott, and many truly great men of God. I say this carefully and reverently: I have never met anyone on whom the anointing of God rests as powerfully and comfortably as David Platt. A few months or years from now, people will grow tired of talking about how much his church gave to the Cooperative Program, and his relentless drive to reach the nations will swamp and drown those driving the chariots of anti-Calvinism in a sea of irrelevance. The anointing of God on his life will be what matters. His ability to capture the imagination and harness the passion of new and succeeding generations for the Great Commission will still be relevant when all the current objections seem silly in our memories…
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The Wrong Kind of Christian

Tish Harrison Warren is an egalitarian, a priest in the Anglican Church, and a supporter of progressive causes. None of that, however, was enough to keep Vanderbilt University from kicking her ministry off campus. She has a compelling reflection in CT on how everything came unraveled for InterVarsity at Vandy. In essence, Vanderbilt said that no organization could require adherence to a creed in order to limit membership or leadership in campus organizations. The result? The university began discriminating against Christians for holding to Christian beliefs. In Warren’s article, this bit was particularly clarifying. She writes, Continue Reading →


Mohler on Ferguson: Love your neighbor, lead with empathy, don’t prejudge, wait for the facts

Albert Mohler has timely advice about how Christians ought to be thinking about the tragic shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. He says that the shooting and its aftermath are an “excruciating reminder that the racial issues in America continue.” In sum, he says that Christians need to love their neighbor, lead with empathy, not prejudge, and wait for the facts. You can listen to his full remarks below or download them here.

Here are some important excerpts from his remarks:

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What about the Birds and Bees? – Family Life Today

In this third and final episode of the interview with Family Life Today, we discuss talking to children about the birds and the bees. We also discuss our culture’s changing definition of marriage. Can Christians have fellowship with one another while having differences over the definition of marriage? Can pastors be neutral on the issues of marriage and homosexuality? You can listen to the episode below or download it here.


Sex for the Glory of God – Family Life Today

Here is the second episode of my interview with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine of Family Life Today. I’ll post episode three tomorrow. You can listen to today’s episode below or download it here. Here’s the description of the show:

What did God have in mind when He created male and female? Denny Burk, a professor at Boyce College and an assistant pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, reminds listeners that sex exists for the glory of God, which means that our sexuality puts God’s glory on display. Burk talks about God’s purposes for sex: consummation, procreation, an expression of love, and pleasure. [Source] Continue Reading →


God’s Purpose for Sexuality – Family Life Today

I am very grateful for the ministry of Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine at Family Life Today. These are faithful men running a top-notch ministry aimed at strengthening marriages and families. I recently had a chance to sit down for an interview for three episodes of their daily radio program. It was a joy to be with these brothers to talk about sex and gender issues. I will post all three episodes as they are released over the next couple of days. You can listen to episode one below or download the audio here. Continue Reading →


Who are my brothers and sisters?

Jonathan Merritt has a fascinating interview with Vicky Beeching, Christian musical artist who has recently come out as a lesbian. It’s a fascinating interview on a number of levels. Explaining her view that Christianity is compatible with gay marriage, she follows very closely one of the arguments made by Matthew Vines in his book God and the Gay Christian. I have commented on that argument elsewhere, so I won’t belabor the point here.

I would, however, highlight one portion of the interview worthy of urgent consideration. Ms. Beeching argues that our views about homosexuality ought not to divide Christians from one another. She says that those who affirm homosexual practice ought to be able to have Christian fellowship with those who don’t. She writes: Continue Reading →


A Plea on Behalf of Victims of Barbarism in Iraq

From Robert George:

I have created a website,, at which I have posted “A Plea on Behalf of the Victims of ISIS/ISIL Barbarism in Iraq.”… I would be grateful if friends would read the plea and, if you agree, go to the website and add your name as a signer. This is a serious matter, and I recognize that not everyone will, in conscience, see the issues just as I do. Of course, I want everyone to follow his or her conscience in deciding whether to join the signers.

Visit the website here. And pray for the victims in Iraq. Maranatha. Continue Reading →


Dr. Kent Brantley releases statement from hospital bed

Dr. Kent Brantley’s statement:

I am writing this update from my isolation room at Emory University Hospital, where the doctors and nurses are providing the very best care possible. I am growing stronger every day, and I thank God for his mercy as I have wrestled with this terrible disease. I also want to extend my deep and sincere thanks to all of you who have been praying for my recovery as well as for Nancy and for the people of Liberia and West Africa. Continue Reading →


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