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Will you still be a Christian tomorrow?

In the final message of T4G 2012, John Piper ruminated on the fact that this will be the last time he preaches at T4G as a pastor. He also marveled at the fact that he’s still a Christian after 60 years. He then turned his amazement on the congregation, “I love to ask people, and I’ll ask you: What makes you think you’re gonna wake up a Christian tomorrow?” Here’s the clip with his answer:

Here’s the audio with the rest of Piper’s message as well as the ones earlier today from Lig Duncan and Matt Chandler.

John Piper – Glory, Majesty, Dominion, and Authority Keep Us Safe for Everlasting Joy [download]


Matt Chandler – The Fulfillment of the Gospel [download]


Lig Duncan – The Underestimated God [download]


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