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Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Don’t miss Russell Moore’s “Who Would Jesus Bomb? War, Peace, and the Christian.” In this short essay, Moore considers the poles of pacifism and militarism and suggests that the Just-War tradition is the best way for Christians to think about issues of war and peace. Here’s a snippet:

“When, if ever, is it right for a government to kill people? As you sort out the ethics of war, the stakes are high for your spiritual formation. Sure, you probably won’t single-handedly decide whether the United States should invade Canada. But the way you think through the rightness or wrongness of military action tells you something about how you see your own personal story in light of the bigger story of the kingdom of Christ. Unbalanced and unbiblical attitudes about war often point to distorted views we hold about the meaning of peace, and even the gospel itself.”

Read the rest here:

“Who Would Jesus Bomb? War, Peace, and the Christian” – by Russell Moore (The Henry Institute)


  • Carlito

    Raargh, this is such a tricky issue. I really thought this was a well-written piece, and I especially like the final paragraph:

    “We shouldn’t tie dye our shirts and pretend a United Nations enforced peace can end bloodshed. But neither should we callously cheer the violence of war, as if it were a video game. Yes, we should visualize peace-but only a real peace, when the true Emperor of the universe rules over a world so pacific that we cannot even imagine the violence we once saw on CNN, or on Animal Planet. On that day, and maybe not until that day, there won’t be the sound of rattling swords, firing guns, or bombs bursting in air.”

  • jeremy z

    The two words of Jesus and bomb do not mix very well at all. Bomb literally encompasses the exact opposite of what Jesus encompasses.

    Carlito I also agree. I liked this piece and I enjoyed the last paragraph. However I disagree that we do not have to “wait” until that day to achieve the ultimate peace. I still think we should practice, presently, what Jesus model for us.
    For instances we will never really be exactly like Jesus here on earth. We are a sinful mess, so does this imply, using the this same logic, we should only visualize being like our Father?

    I think we need to usher in the Kingdom values presently too. Look at the Lord’s prayer….Matthew 6:10 your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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