Who Was Lottie Moon?

Unless you’re a Southern Baptist, you probably don’t know who Lottie Moon is. She served faithfully and in much hardship as a missionary to China from 1873-1912. The testimony of her life and ministry is remarkable, and Southern Baptists remember her every year about this time because our annual international missions offering is named after her.

This week I listened to a message that was preached by Danny Akin about the life of Lottie Moon. I cannot recommend this sermon to you highly enough. It was not only informative about her life’s story, it was also a stirring call for laborers to go into the harvest. The message was a challenge to me, and I trust it will be to you as well. Here’s the link:

“The Power of a Consecrated Life Lived Out in the Ministry of Lottie Moon – Romans 12:1” – by Danny Akin


  • Suzanne

    There is a good article on Lottie Moon in wikipedia. Thanks for posting on her, Denny.

    “She felt chained down, and came to view herself as part of an oppressed class – single women missionaries. Her writings were an appeal on behalf of all those who were facing similar situations in their ministries. In an article titled “The Woman’s Question Again,” published in 1883, Lottie wrote:

    “”Can we wonder at the mortal weariness and disgust, the sense of wasted powers and the conviction that her life is a failure, that comes over a woman when, instead of the ever broadening activities that she had planned, she finds herself tied down to the petty work of teaching a few girls?”

    Lottie waged a slow but relentless campaign to give women missionaries the freedom to minister and have an equal voice in mission proceedings. A prolific writer, she corresponded frequently with H. A. Tupper, head of the Southern Baptist Foreign Mission Board, informing him of the realities of mission work and the desperate need for more workers —- both women and men.”

  • Jesica

    Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has some AWESOME biographies on missionaries. We use them often in homeschooling.

    Lottie Moon’s life really ministered to my children, and they are only 5 & 7.

    YWAM has 2 choices in biographies…one is for younger kids and done in rhyme, and they even have activity books, audio CDs and curriculum guides to go with them.

    Our favorites are the paperbacks, though. This is called the Christian Heroes Then and Now series. The one on Gladys Alyward kept us on the edge of our seats for nights on end!

    Thanks for the post, Denny!

    For an awesome missionary ministry to support, check out Gospel for Asia. 100% of your donation to a native missionary will go straight to the field. They trust God for separate support for all administrative needs. Awesome to see how God is using Gospel for Asia to reach the poorest of the poor.

    Merry Christmas!

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