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Who said that?

You get 100 points in the big book in the sky if you can name the source of this quote:

“Even after the passage of 2,000 years, we can still picture the moment in our mind’s eye. The young man from Nazareth marched through Jerusalem; object of scorn and derision and abuse and torture by an empire. The agony of crucifixion amid the cries of thieves. The discovery, just three days later, that would forever alter our world — that the Son of Man was not to be found in His tomb and that Jesus Christ had risen.

“We are awed by the grace He showed even to those who would have killed Him. We are thankful for the sacrifice He gave for the sins of humanity. And we glory in the promise of redemption in the resurrection.”

See if you can guess who said it before looking at the answer in the first comment below. Tell me who you guessed in the comment section.


  • Denny Burk

    President Barack Obama said this at the Easter prayer breakfast this morning. You can read his full remarks here.

    It is well-documented that President Obama holds to a very liberal “Christianity,” and I was astonished to see a statement that apparently affirms the bodily resurrection of Jesus. The astute observer will note, however, the politically correct ascription of Jesus’ crucifixion to the Roman Empire alone (a view typically favored by more liberal interpreters of the tradition).

  • russ

    Denny, do you assume that anyone claiming to be a Christian in a context that you would characterize as liberal probably does not believe in the resurrection? Or, is your astonishment related more to the president specifically?

  • Matthew Staton

    I was surprised to see the source.

    I was guessing figures like Lutzer, Swindoll, Wiersbe. But they wouldn’t really make sense – what would be the point of the post, then? I believed it had to be someone in the last 25 years or so; It doesn’t read like most of the writing from generations past.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Given Obama’s proclivity to plagiarize, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he lifted this speech from some pastor’s sermon.

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