Which candidate holds extreme views on abortion?

Going into the Democratic National Convention next week, the scuttlebutt is that the President will emphasize the abortion issue and will try to paint his opponent as extreme on abortion rights. I’m wondering if this is really the conversation that President Obama wants to have. I’m no shill for Governor Romney. As I’ve said many times before, Romney’s record on this issue is not inspiring in my view. His conversion to the pro-life cause has appeared to many as a political expedient. Even now, Romney holds a less than pure pro-life position—one that is to the left of his own party’s platform. He’s hardly an extremist.

President Obama, however, is a bona fide extremist on the abortion issue. We’ve all known this since the last election. President Obama is so radically in favor of abortion rights that he even believes it should be legal to kill children who are born alive in botched abortions (see video above, HT: Voddie Baucham). When he was an Illinois state senator, he voted against legislation that would have protected the lives of infant survivors of abortions. His commitment to the regime of Roe v. Wade is so extreme that he would rather let live human infants die than do anything that might weaken abortion rights in this country. That is the definition of extreme. When you add to that his support for partial-birth abortion rights and Obamacare’s abortion mandate, it’s not difficult to see who the real extremist is.

With over 50 million unborn humans legally killed since 1973, abortion-on-demand remains the greatest human rights crisis of our time. President Obama remains committed to this status quo and has even taken steps to expand abortion since he became president. If the President wants to debate who has the most extreme record on abortion, then I think his opponents should join that debate. The president doesn’t have a leg to stand on, and the American public needs to know that.


  • Dan Phillips

    I’d say Romney’s record on abortion is very impressive. First and most longterm strategic position he filled in his new administration was awarded to a vocal, committed pro-lifer with a 100% pro-life voting record.

    Obama’s helpers on the left and right will try hard to save face by attempting to let the air out of that one. But they’ll fail.

    (Of course, I know what you meant.)

    • Denny Burk

      Dan, I hope that Romney’s conversion to the pro-life cause is genuine. I really do. I don’t want to be proved right in my concerns. Here’s to hoping that you’re right and my suspicions are wrong.

      • Dan Phillips

        Ditto. Don’t know how much of my blog you read, but I made clear he was pretty much my dead-last choice, and that’s one of the big reasons. Right now, he’s my next-to-last choice. (c;

        But that was actually markedly improved with his choice of Ryan as VP. Up until then, everything was just talk. Now, arguably, a lot of it had been very specific talk (http://bit.ly/PYdUPX), and would have been hard to dodge entirely.

        But with the tapping of Ryan, talk became policy. Talk might be nothing; this wasn’t.

        So color me “cautiously optimistic,” and as far as math, even a minimum of 1 (Romney) is better then 0 or worse (Obama, or helping Obama by going third-party or not voting).

  • Alexander M. Jordan

    I share your concerns about Romney’s inconsistency on the abortion issue, but his choice of Ryan as VP, as well as his statement at the RNC last night that he is committed to protecting the sanctity of life certainly distinguishes him from Obama’s extreme pro-abortion record.

  • Don Johnson

    There are 2 candidates that have the potential to become President, because we in the USA have a 2 party system. All the other parties are minor, because as soon as one minor party looks like they are more than a few, one party or the other absorbs them in one way or the other.

    Given this reality, one votes as one wishes, but I CHOOSE to vote AGAINST the worst. The idea is to avoid the worst among these 2 candidates. When one candidate is a total disaster and the other is problematical, I have no problem voting for the problematical one, as I am making the best choice I can, given the constraints of the way the political decision making process works. And regardless who wins, I pray for our leaders that they make wise decisions.

  • James Stanton

    From what I’ve noticed Romney has been trying to move to the center a bit on the abortion issue and Ryan has been following along. The base would prefer to see Romney/Romney stand up proud on principle and not waver in the slightest. That tells you that the political elite in the Republican party feel that a majority is not with them on the social issues. When it comes down to it they love power more than principle.

  • donsands

    Abortion is the number one issue for me. Thanks for this post. Romney seems weak to me in his conversion; unlike Ronald Reagan.

    This short video is incredible. To think a doctor aborted this girl, and left her for dead. And there are thousands upon thousands of these doctors, if we can call them doctors.

    May our Lord have mercy on our nation for killing 50 million plus babies, whom He created in His image.

    have a blessed and joy-filled Lord’s day in worship and His Word. I love Sundays the most. Love to be in church!

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