Wellum, Gentry, and Hamilton discuss biblical theology

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a discussion between Peter Gentry, Steve Wellum, and Jim Hamilton. The discussion took place as a part of Southern Seminary’s Alumni Academy. The students were studying Gentry and Wellum’s book for the class, and Hamilton came in for a panel discussion about different approaches to biblical theology. I moderated.

I think this is an interesting discussion for a number of reasons, but I’ll mention one. Every person on the stage holds to the same confessional commitments: the Abstract of Principles and the Baptist Faith & Message 2000. Within those commitments, there is still room for differences of approach on just how biblical theology should be done. As you will see, Gentry and Wellum represent one approach, and Hamilton another. I think this was a good conversation, and my hope is that some of you bibliophiles might find it helpful too. See above.

If you haven’t purchased the books by Gentry, Wellum, and Hamilton, you need to. They are linked below:


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