• Chris Wofford

    That was really cool. To see the reactions when they realized how other people saw them made me wonder how I would be changed if I truly grasped how God sees me.

    And if I ministered to others remembering that perceptions are not always reality I might be more useful.

    • Bridget Platt

      I don’t know. I’m just wondering what would have happened if a truly ugly or deformed person had walked in. Or someone with cystic acne all over their face or a scarred vicim of a fire. Would the other person describe them as they truly were? Would the person be happy with the 2nd sketch? I’m thinking it would be wise to not let outward appearance (whether self-described or other-described) define our value, but rather God.

  • Daryl Little

    Bridget, yes. I’m a guy, so I define myself somewhat differently I suppose, but the point is the same.

    Whether it’s brains or “cool-ness” or looks, the one girl was quite correct and quite incorrect at the same time when she said the self-perception “couldn’t be more critical”.
    In a way, she’s right, but when that perception hinges on beauty and not on God and His goodness, it will necessarily fail.

    But still, it’s helpful to remember that we know our own flaws better than anyone and still people love us. and seemingly, those who know most about out flaws love us more and, more importantly, God loves us.

    Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift…

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