Waiting for the Game…

Now that we have bid adieu to another regular season of college football, there are no games to watch this weekend (Army vs. Navy notwithstanding). Apparently, there will be some other games played over the next month or so, but I’m pretty focused on the one that will be played on January 9. Until then, I’ll be strung out on these hype videos. Enjoy.


  • donsands

    Gee I love those kind of videos! I really do love football, it’s my favorite sport. Was able to play in High School, for Cardinal Gibbons here in Baltimore, where the Ravens shall host the AFC championship game. I’m hoping we play Tim Tebow and John Elway’s Broncos.

    I love the Army Navy game. Of course I love Navy, being so close to the Naval Academy.

    GO NAVY!

    Have a great Lord’s day!

  • Justin F

    Personally, I’ve chosen to boycott this bowl season. I’m sick of all the corruption in college football. Alabama being chosen over OSU was ridiculous considering they had the same record, OSU played the tougher schedule, and won its conference. I hope LSU stomps Alabama, otherwise I don’t think we’ll have a legitimate champion. But that wasn’t the thing that really ticked me off. I’m sick of the smaller schools getting hosed by the BCS system. Boise and TCU got sent to junk bowls on technicalities despite having impressive seasons and high rankings. Instead we have teams like 6-6 Florida and Ohio St playing in the marquee bowls. It’s not just about pride and tradition, we are talking millions of dollars that the larger schools are able to horde for themselves while the smaller schools get jack. TCU and Southern Miss cost their conferences millions of dollars by beating Boise and Houston, how’s that fair? The bigger conferences have no concerns about upsets like these. I love the sport, it’s really exciting to watch. But I hate all the distractions that surround the games. And then there’s the realignment debacle . . .

  • donsands

    We need to remember that Justin. You’re right that it’s political, and the other factor is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. But, at the same time there are a lot of good things to say about the bowls.
    I would say, enjoy the Christmas season, and how football is a sport that seems to fit so well with this season, and so enjoy the games as much as you can with friends. That may not help, but I know our Lord likes us to speak our hearts, and yet have peace and joy at the same time.
    And in each game there will be the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”.

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