Two Reasons Not To Like The Muppet Movie

In his one-minute review over at the Rabbit Room, Father Thomas McKenzie gives two reasons why you may not like the new Muppet movie:

1. You are an adult with no previous contact with the Muppets.
2. You are a soul-less automaton.

It’s hard to disagree with that analysis. I saw the movie last week with my kids, and I thought it was fantastic. I laughed heartily, and I even got a little choked-up a couple of times. This movie has a heart and a soul, and if you have those things you’ll enjoy this one.

McKenzie’s review is below. The trailer is above.


  • Joe Sanchez

    whew, based on the headline I wondered if we’d lost the Denny I know and love to the cult of self-important blogging. Not so.

    Thanks for getting this right! My kids are still talking about the movie and we saw it opening day!

    • Denny Burk

      Joe! Great to hear from you, brother!

      Yeah, I intentionally did a little bit of misdirection in the headline. I really did love this movie. In fact, since my wife didn’t go, I’m thinking about going to see it again with her.

  • yankeegospelgirl

    I like the One Minute Review guy. He can be very funny and engaging and I’m sure he’s spot-on with this film. Unfortunately, his judgment isn’t always the best. He reviewed the new J. Edgar Hoover biopic saying he had no idea why it was rated R and would take his 12-year-old. Upon my correcting comment (which was never even published), he made an edit briefly mentioning two inappropriate scenes. Unfortunately, he seemed not to understand that the whole theme of homosexual love (which is not-so-subtly woven throughout), is completely inappropriate for a 12-year-old to watch in film. I’m also not sure how the one inappropriate scene, which is a dramatic high point of the film, could have so easily slipped his mind. I think it’s a sign of where his priorities are.

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