Voddie Baucham’s Unforgettable Message

I wrote last month that the best sermon that I heard at the Southern Baptist Convention was delivered by Voddie Baucham, pastor of Grace Family Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. Baucham’s message wasn’t actually a part of the official program of the Southern Baptist Convention. He preached at the Founder’s breakfast which meets annually in conjunction with the Convention.

Baucham called on Southern Baptists to repent in seven areas: regenerate church membership, church discipline, biblical exposition, church planting, family discipleship, biblically qualified leadership and Christian education. But it is the first two or three items in this list in which Baucham put his finger on the besetting sin of so many Baptist churches, a sin which indeed has compromised the witness of the entire Southern Baptist Convention—the failure of our churches to maintain a regenerate membership.

This is a sermon that will challenge you even if you are not a Southern Baptist, but I certainly do commend this especially to all my fellow Southern Baptists. The sermon is now available in MP3 format, and you can download it for free from the Founder’s Website (click here to download).

“Southern Baptists at Sardis” by Voddie Baucham

“Baucham, at Founders, calls for repentance” by Scott Lamb (Baptist Press)


  • Nielsen

    Thanks for posting this message. I just listened to it and really grew from it. The points he made and expounded upon need to be adressed to our young pastors. I’m enjoying his new book Family Driven Faith – check it out!

  • C. L.Campbell

    Denny…thanks for sharing this…I am always inspired and challenged by the Spirit of God when I hear this man of God speak. He did a marriage series last year at North Point in Atlanta and it was an incredible three part message. The irony of this is that I see the relevance of this message to many of pastors/churches I have encountered on the mission field here in Cameroon, Central Africa. The call to repentance and getting “back to the basics” (so to speak) is holistic…may the Lord grant us grace and mercy…

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