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The Gay Shibboleth

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s post on the Surgeon General and his stance that homosexuality is a sin. Christianity Today has an editorial out today titled “The Gay Shibboleth,” which takes basically the same position that I do, but states is much better:

Affirmation of homosexual behavior seems to be shifting from an in-group shibboleth to an unwritten requirement for American leadership. Where does that leave biblical Christians? We may soon come to the point where supporting a sexual ethic based on an orthodox reading of Scripture becomes part of our cross to bear. . .

Christians feed the poor for the same reason they reject sex outside heterosexual marriage. Following biblical teachings, we love our neighbors and don’t want to see them enslaved to poverty or broken sexuality. It’s that love and compassion that sent Jesus to the Cross.

If the U.S. Senate decides that the surgeon general must affirm that gay sex is natural, and thus bars orthodox Christians from the position, we will lament. (We’ll also keep working to change the public’s mind.) But we’ve seen worse cases of demonizing Christian nominees for public office. And we’ll keep showing love to our neighbors anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I detect the hand of Timothy George in that one. Here’s the whole thing: “The Gay Shibboleth”- Editorial (Christianity Today).

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