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President Nixon and Chuck Colson

The National Archives has released some new tape recordings of President Nixon’s telephone conversations. Some of the tapes record the President’s speaking to the yet to be born again Chuck Colson. Listening to these exchanges only magnifies the contrast between the old Chuck Colson and the new one. The Chuck Colson on these recordings has given way to the new creation that I heard preach in San Antonio last month. The Lord’s arm is not too short to save (Isaiah 59:1).

The New York Times has posted some of the relevant excerpts, and I link them here for you to listen to for yourself.

President Nixon and Charles Colson Discuss Apportioning Jobs in the White House

President Nixon and Charles Colson Discuss Naming John Scali as U.N. Ambassador

President Nixon and Charles Colson Discuss Rebuilding the Republican Party

President Nixon and Henry Kissinger Talk About Relations With Vietnam

Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kissinger Discuss a Treaty to End the Vietnam War

(HT: Bruce Tomaso)

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