Tony Snow To Be House-Trainer-in-Chief

tony-snow.jpgWell, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. I’m a fan of Tony Snow, and I have high hopes that he will be great in this very difficult position of White House Press Secretary. I think he’ll be an improvement over McLellan.Truth be told, however, I don’t think he or anyone else will be able to make nice with the White House press corps. They are like a bunch of spoiled house pets that run around growling at and gnawing on anything they can sink their teeth into. They won’t put their fangs back into their mouths until a Democrat is in the White House. Until that time, Tony’s job is to keep them from tearing up the furnitiure. I think he’ll be able to do that.

Read about it here:
“Fox News’s Snow to Become New White House Press Secretary” – Washington Post

“Tony Snow to Be White House Press Secretary” – Washington Post

(Doesn’t he look like a pleasant fellow?)

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