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There Will Be No Republican Messiah

It is ironic that the same Republican who criticized the Democrats three years ago for having a messianic view of Obama are now casting about in search of a messiah of their own. I like how John Mark Reynolds says it:

The quest by some in the Republican Party for a savior is unseemly. 

We have a choice between the incumbent president and a long list of good men and women with strong backgrounds. This list includes the governor of one of our largest states, a former governor and business leader, a former senator, a successful business leader, the architect of the Republican congressional majority, and a congressional firebrand. 

Whatever their merits Cain, Perry, Romney, and Santorum all strike me as plausible, mainstream candidates for president. Each have different strengths, but Perry and Romney in particular are strong leaders with the experience generally required in our leaders.

Neither may be a conservative heartthrob, but both are to the right of the current president. If Christians like the present direction of the country, they can vote for the incumbent. If not, they will have a clear choice in any of the leading contenders. We are not electing a prom date, but looking for someone who will wear well as the leader of the Republic for four years.

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  • Barry Applewhite

    It is easy to remember all the scorn heaped on Democrats for allegedly looking for a Messiah. Odd that when Republicans do it, no one leaps on them with that old zeal. Any sense of justice or fairness seems to be lacking. Or is this some form of hypocrisy?

    It was always wrong for Republicans or Democrats to misuse so holy a word as “Messiah” by associating it with American politics. I see no repentance for that either.


  • yankeegospelgirl

    I’m content to vote third-party or stay at home if a candidate wins the nomination who I can’t in good conscience support. At the moment, I feel like it’s far too early to commit to one candidate or another. I’m waiting to see what happens. There are a few candidates like Bachmann and Perry who could potentially get my vote if they show consistency over the next year, but folks… it’s a YEAR in advance! Why talk about politics for more time than we have to?

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