The Oddest Political Ad I Think I’ve Ever Seen

I really do think this may be the oddest political ad I have ever seen. It features Herman Cain’s chief of staff giving an endorsement of Herman Cain. The testimonial ends with the guy taking a drag on a cigarette and blowing the smoke into the camera. Finally, the ad concludes with the candidate giving his grin of approval.

John Huntsman had an odd ad that turned a lot of heads at the launch of his campaign, but I have to say that this Cain ad outdoes Huntsman’s.


  • Dillon

    18 through about 32 watch the guy shake his head back and forth. Usually, body language would teach us that he’s saying no, no, no. I would say he’s full of, well you know, but this is a family blog. 🙂

  • RD

    I completely agree, Denny. What amazes me most about the Republican process to determine a front-runner is why Mitt Romney isn’t light years ahead of the other candidates. I’m not a Romney fan, but he stands head and shoulders above the other cast of Republican odd-balls that are actively trying to become the party nominee. The only other candidate who hasn’t exhibited whacky behaviour is Mr. Huntsman.

  • Robert I Masters

    I think you are missing the humor in the Cain train! watch his “yellow roses” video to see some of the humor.
    I am one of those original never get off the Cain train supporters.

    RD–I would never vote for Romney in the primary when we have a choice of other evangelical Christians

  • Donald Johnson

    That is pretty baffling. I know Obama smokes and asks the press not to take pics of it, so that cig at the end may be a oblique ref. to that.

  • Derek

    I agree with Barry.
    It’s unusual, but I heard him explain it and the basic idea is that web ads have to feel “real” and gritty or they won’t get watched.

    People simply do not watch political youtube ads that look and feel like a movie trailer with special effects and the James Earl Jones voiceover.

    So they literally just filmed this on the street and decided not to edit him out when he took a smoke break. The shot of him smoking was not in the original plan. I guess it sort of worked because now they have more views on this video than they ever imagined.

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