The Mad Hatter Returns as LSU edges Florida

After beating Florida earlier tonight, LSU is the only unbeaten team in the SEC. How did they do it? By the Mad Hatter being the Mad Hatter and calling a fake field goal. Believe it or not, LSU’s kicker Trent Domingue scored the winning touchdown. It was beautiful (see above). Mark Ennis said it well:

Les Miles was later asked by a reporter why he went for the fake field goal. Miles responded with characteristic profundity: “It was opportunity to get 7, and 7 is a whole lot more than 3” (see below).

So LSU is the only undefeated team in the SEC and is leading the western division. Still, I think Alabama is the team to beat, and LSU has to play them in Tuscaloosa. That is going to difficult, but if any team can do it, LSU can. And now that QB Brandon Harris has shown that he can he can be efficient through the air, all the pieces are in place. Winning in Bama-land is still a longshot, but LSU has done it before. Stay tuned.

On a totally unrelated note, we have to mention what happened at the end of the Michigan vs. Michigan State game. With only seconds left on the clock, Michigan had the ball and a 3-point lead. All they had to do was punt it away. The rest is history (see below).

I didn’t have a dog in this fight, but that was still quite an ending. In fact, it was one for the ages. People will be talking about that game for decades to come. And that is why I feel so badly for Michigan’s poor punter. His collegiate career just got defined by a muffed punt.


  • Ian Shaw

    Great LSU game. I’m a big 10 guy, but I love watching them play as well.

    Thanks for the ‘battle of the mitten’ mention Denny. That was unbelievable. (and our hapless Lions finally got a win yesterday as well.

    • ian Shaw

      The guy that returned the muffed punt for MSU actually broke his hip on that play as well. Not sure if it was how he was tackled or if the dog pile from his teammates caused it. He had to be carted off the field.

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