Success is faithfulness… even when it’s hard

John Powell is a good brother, and his story about nearly burning-out in ministry is really well done. See above.


  • Christiane Smith

    what a beautiful testimony of ‘joy’ in Christian faith . . .
    the film opens up with ‘being a cowboy is hard, dirty work for very little pay’, and shows Pastor JOHN helping members of his flock (the people), covered in cow flop, but joyful in the midst of his labors;
    and he tells us that in ways, the ministry is the same . . . as he sits seriously at his desk at work alone . . .

    but maybe the joy of ministry is being WITH the people in their daily struggles, a kind of personal engagement that you won’t see a mega-preacher doing who lives in a gated community and sends out his staff to handle ‘minor’ matters, rather than come himself.

    I think Pastor JOHN understands something about ‘shepherding’ that many in ministry might need to know about. He certainly possesses the joy and humility that is a sign of the Presence of the Holy Spirit in his life. Some ministers dress in silk-blend suits and some shepherds are in the fields wearing cow-flop covered cotton and the ‘joy’ of the Lord. Whose to say who is more ‘successful’ in the Kingdom of Our Lord?

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