The Jets release Tim Tebow. Will he make a team?

The news is out. The Jets have decided to release Tim Tebow. Moreover, it’s entirely possible that he won’t make any team’s roster this year—at least not as quarterback. For a lot of reasons, I think this is really sad.

I know, I know. Tebow is not a prototypical NFL quarterback. He’s not the kind of passer that one would expect in a league like the NFL. I understand all the complaints about his fitness for this position. But just let me say this. Tebow got one shot to be a starting quarterback in this league. In his one shot, he led his team to an improbable winning streak that led them to a playoff win. He did this against all the naysayers, and he did it with less than a full season to work with. In short, in less than one season he equaled the playoff success of the entire career of Tony Romo.

I’m of the belief that he has an intangible that is undervalued in this league. He’s a winner. He figures out how to get it done, and he elevates the performance of his teammates. I wish some team would give him another shot, but I don’t think that’s going to happen at this point. He will likely have to give up the ambition to be quarterback in order to find a team. The scuttlebutt is that if he’s willing to change positions, he may very well end up with the New England Patriots. I guess we’ll see.

I hope he lands somewhere, even if it’s not as quarterback. I don’t want to see him out of the league altogether.


  • Michael King

    I’m afraid it’s matter of the Jets or perhaps the whole NFL that doesn’t like Tim’s “baggage”…his Christianity. They don’t mind those that point to the sky after a great play but… Don’t go any further. Professing Christ?! In NY terms “fogetaboudit

    • Don Jackson

      Michael: I believe the problem is more the Tebow Fans trying to control franchise management in playing him at their will and not that of the GM/HC more than it is Tim’s outward display of his love for our Savior.

  • Ian Shaw

    His character is like no other in the NFL. As far as his QB abilities, it’s limited in the NFL. With his size and ability, he would be great as a TE or FB. Shame teams won’t use his size and strength like that.

    Somebody will pick him up. I thought the Jaguars owner was head-over-heels for him?

    • Seneca Griggs

      Though the fans in J-ville would LOVE to see TEBOW a Jaguar, the new general manager has made it very plain it ain’t gonna happen.

  • Ian Shaw

    The NFL would accept him more if he was drunk driving, beating women and making it rain in strip clubs right?

    Sad that Tebow is made fun of for being the stark contrast to what is culturally aceptable from professional athletes.

  • Paul Jacobs

    I wish the Cowboys would pick him up. Not because he is a great player, but he is such a great person that it would be worth more in good PR than the actual cost of his contract. Let’s face it, Tim needs to be in a city like Dallas where he would be appreciated.

  • spurg63

    I like Tim Tebow . He has many excellent qualities that many young men need to have , not just as an athlete . Was that improbable run in Denver just a one off , who knows unless he gets another shot . I do think he could still have a NFL career but will have to switch positions . He could make a great tight end if he has good hands at catching the ball . Hope he ends up somewhere and if not , tell him to come up north to Canada , the CFL likes those that the NFL reject , Doug Flutie anyone.

  • Ian Shaw

    But with the way speech is going in Canada, if Tim were to become outspoken about his beliefs regarding abortion/gay marriage, they may try to go after him criminally as a result.

    When your life is in clear contradiction to the majority of others, you know you must be living for something other than yourself.

  • Lynn Burgess

    All the negativity! Please! You guys! Get a grip! Did you ever read Romans 8:28-29? Did you think this was all lost on the good plans of our Great God for Tim Tebow’s good and for His Glory???

    Did you ever read the story of Joseph, sold into slavery, falsely accused and thrown into prison, forgotten, exalted to second to Pharaoh… and what of Job… and…

    Please pray for Tim!

    Please do not cry religious persecution! I have been following Tim in the sports blogs since November and I truly believe that the fans and not Tim’s game is what has hurt him the most, and the persecution thing makes others just hate Tim and his fans; it really incites emotions.

    I for one am excited to see what happens next!

    On a very practical front, Tim has been doing some great work this off-season and Steve Young has reportedly said he has found the missing link to his passing game so to speak. I am giving you a link here, but I have also seen the twitter of three young men who caught balls for Steve, Tim, and the QB coaches a few weeks ago and they confirmed this report. It would be great if Steve’s opinion made the news this afternoon; Tim hits the waiver wire at 4:00 p.m. today. It may be better for Tim to negotiate as a free agent rather than be claimed off waivers, but I don’t really understand that system, but I do know that our God knows and has a plan!

  • Brian Rollins

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I’ll lay it out there anyway- Maybe Tebow can seek a profession now that doesn’t require working on the Lord’s Day. I’d consider that a good thing.

    • Brian Sanders

      Brian: Maybe you would like the doctors, nurses, firemen, police, et al to find jobs not working on Sunday also! Lest you respond with something about professions of necessity, be sure you check first to see the last time you ate out, read a newspaper, watched TV, listened to the radio, bought gasoline, or stopped into the grocery or convenience store on Sunday. Check too to see how greatly God has used Tim’s witness to motivate so many to godliness and good works for God’s glory, and the witness he has been to the lost, even during this short stint in the NFL (which I truly hope is not over).

      This is the tragic fact, a great part of Tim’s current situation is caused by the ungodly, self-righteous, and foolish way his fans have conducted themselves. His quirky passing game really is a secondary issue as evidenced by several teams already speaking publicly that they do not even want him as a backup… because his fans would create too much ruckus and media hype crying religious persecution and demanding that he start.

      • Brian Rollins

        Brian, Not wanting to sound like a Pharisee here, but I don’t typically do any of the things you mention (eat out, watch TV, buy gasoline, etc.) on Sundays. I just believe the fourth commandment still applies to the Christian today, regardless of how professional sports teams schedule their games.

        • Lynn Burgess

          Mr. Rollins: I think this will address your problem… I died laughing…

          I should tell you that I am quite a bit Reformed and not a dispensationalist, so I have a fairly good appreciation for the Ten Commandments. But after I saw how the evangelical church turned on Tim Tebow a few weeks back when he cancelled with First Baptist Dallas I took a good long look at what it means to be salt and light in our culture and what it means to be a living sacrifice for the sake of the lost in our culture. I am today much more concerned about a brother in Christ who would think like you do about Tim than I am about Tim working on Sunday and being a true beacon for our Savior. Enjoy the laugh, it will be good for your soul, I promise (smile).

  • Paula Bolyard (@pbolyard)

    The odd thing about the whole Tebow situation is that the guy is marketing gold. During the Broncos’ improbable run, Tebow garb was a hot commodity and football viewership was through the roof — including viewership by those who traditionally don’t watch football. What team wouldn’t want that? When did the NFL become about something other than profit? (see: Super Bowl ads)

    You would think that a team would see that marketing potential and hire an army of coaches to do whatever it takes to make Tebow the best QB (or whatever) the NFL has ever seen.

    I suspect the reason this isn’t happening is the same reason we see so many R-rated movies. Even though G-rated movies are 11 times more profitable, R-rated movies represent the values of the movie makers so that’s what they continue to churn out (12 times as many R-rated movies as G-rated). Profit is secondary to the agenda.

    • Stephen Beck

      Perhaps, except Tebow’s optimal style of QB play (heavy on the run, slow on the pass) is even worse for the CFL than the NFL. Somebody said he could be a 3rd down sneaker.

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