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The Gospel and Sexual Assault

Crossway has a new book out titled Rid of My Disgrace: Hope and Healing for Victims of Sexual Assault (Crossway, 2011). The video above has Justin Taylor interviewing the authors. This looks like an important book, and I am looking forward to reading it. Here’s Justin Taylor’s description:

“This husband-and-wife team has spent countless hours in counseling victims and poring over God’s work, applying the gospel into the lives of people by sexual sin against them. If you’ve ever wondered what the gospel has to say to the victims of sexual assault, you’ll see it in this book. They labor to show that ‘the gospel applies grace to disgrace and redeems what is destroyed,’ that ‘one-way love heals and replaces the destruction caused by one-way violence.'”

For more on this book (including endorsements), check out Taylor’s blog.

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  • J.A. Swanson

    Finally! A resource for the church (leaders, members, etc.). Sadly, in the church the issues that people face after having been sexually assaulted impact a person’s life in so many ways, in so many areas and on so many levels.

    I appreciate how they, actually, define what is sexual assault. Sometimes, we think it is ‘this’, but not ‘that’. The expansion of the definition is helpful. As well, hearing them discuss the list of effects… good! Too often, though, we never delve to the depth of figuring out what is going on/has gone one, or why someone is hurting, acting out, depressed, anxious, withdrawn, etc.

    As well, oftentimes, pastors/leaders in the church are ill-equipped to counsel someone who has dealt with this sort of assault. Needing to refer the person to a professional, godly, biblical counselor, who is trained to assist people in working through this, receive healing and wholeness. Yet, this book will be a great tool to assist them in this process.

    Personally, I have only been acquainted with the book by Dan Allendar, “The Wounded Heart,” which I have found helpful, and referred to others. Looking forward to purchasing this myself.

    Pastors, ministers, and leaders, as well as all Christians need to read this book.

    Thanks for sharing this, Denny!

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