The Glories of Motherhood

I heard a fascinating interview last week with Heather Payne, a member of the award-winning Christian pop group “Point of Grace.” Recently, Payne announced that she was leaving the group so that she could focus on being a mom. You can read about her departure here, but I recommend listening to the interview below.


I think what Payne has done is positively counter-cultural (in a good sense). May her tribe increase!

Here’s a description of the show from “The Albert Mohler Program” website:

“Can a Christian mom do everything the world tells them they can and should do? The perfect education, career, and family? Singer Heather Payne recently announced she was leaving Point of Grace to spend more time at home with her family. According to her, much of that decision was motivated by frustration at trying to do everything at once. She and her husband Brian join guest host Russell Moore for a helpful conversation about her own experience and broader implications for churches.”


  • Art

    “I think what Payne has done is positively counter-cultural (in a good sense). May her tribe increase!”

    Sure it is counter-cultural, and funded well I might add by all of those album sales. Not every wife/mother can do this. Should she be applauded… maybe, but not nearly as much as the wife/mother who sacrifices time and energy to help keep a roof over her family’s heads and food on their table.

  • Barry

    Heather is the real deal. Her commitment to Brian her four kids (as well as her church) is exemplary. The girl can still flat sing. I don’t think her singing days are over, either. She’s at the top of her game.


  • Brian (Another)

    So was Jim Brown. And the NFL wound up going on strike. Don’t know what the three things have to do with one another, but they are definitely three things.

  • tiro3

    It is a good thing for all of us not to get too caught up in the world’s arena of popularity. Nothing much to do with women. Men need to do the same, such as Martin Smith with Delirious.

  • Matt Svoboda

    And her husband is the best preaching professor in the world! I learned more about preaching and biblical theology in one semester with him than I have in my whole life! Denny, you are going to LOVE working with him!

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