The Confessions of a Fundamissional Dean

Dr. Russell MooreI cannot commend to you highly enough two messages from Dr. Russell Moore, Senior Vice-President at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

“The Kingdom of God in the Wal-Mart Break Room: Poverty, Partiality, and the Perils of a Gentrified Christianity”

“Confessions of a Fundamissional Dean”

The first message is a sermon that Dr. Moore preached in August in Southern Seminary’s chapel. The second is a lecture that he gave at an event sponsored by the Theology School Council, also at Southern Seminary.

The two talks are linked by a common theme: that certain sectors of evangelical and Southern Baptist life have become elitist. He sees this problem not only among some in the emerging church movement, but also among some Calvinists and bloggers.

Dr. Moore has a special interest in Southern Baptists, but these talks will be helpful for anyone who cares about the sin of partiality and elitism among evangelicals.

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