The Bayou State in Week Four of College Football

LSU beat Auburn tonight, but it was ugly. And when I say ugly, I mean really ugly. Again, there were too many penalties and turnovers, and LSU looked lucky to come away with the win. The final score was 12-10. What I said after the first game is still true today. LSU does not look like a championship team, even though their record is now 4-0. Unfortunately, the Tigers are not playing anywhere close the level that Alabama is playing at. Unless there’s a dramatic shift in the way that the Tigers are playing, I expect LSU to lose at least 1-2 regular season games this year. I hope I’m wrong.

My alma mater Louisiana Tech, however, is poised to make some noise this year. Tonight they beat Illinois at Illinois 52-24. The game was an absolute beat-down on the Illini. The win takes them to 3-0, and it’s the third game in three weeks in which Tech has scored over 50 points on their opponent. If Tech beats Virginia next week, they could be 5-0 going in to their home game against Texas A&M in a few weeks. It should prove to be a big test. Geaux, Bulldogs!


  • James Harold Thomas

    ULM?? Where’s the love, Denny?

    Little ‘Ole ULM took out Arkansas on the road, took Auburn to OT at Auburn, and almost beat Baylor. Granted, this is more L’s than W’s, but if Tech or even LSU were to play them, it could very easily be a close game.

    • Denny Burk

      Me neither, bro. And it doesn’t look like this is the year for paybacks with Alabama. LSU is going to have a tough time winning that game, as well as the ones against Florida and South Carolina.

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