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The baker who refused to make wedding cake appears on “The View”

If you are unfamiliar with this story, see my previous post on the topic. Just a few thoughts about this appearance on “The View”:

1. The ladies from “The View” were respectful in this exchange. That cannot always be said in left-leaning pop-culture venues that are typically dismissive of religious liberty claims. That they gave a platform to Jack and Kristen is a win for religious liberty.

2. The baker Jack Phillips and attorney Kristen Waggoner acquitted themselves quite well in this exchange. And this is not exceptional among Christians in the wedding industry who are behind the eight ball right now with religious liberty claims. Most of these people are just normal folks who own small businesses but who can’t lend their creative expression to help celebrate a same-sex wedding ceremony.

3. Kristen is right. If the government can force Jack Phillips to create a message that contradicts his beliefs, then the state can coerce anyone to violate their conscience. Religious liberty is not just for Christians but for everyone. As Russell Moore has recently argued, “Religious Freedom is for Non-Christians Too.”