That’s All I Have To Say about That

Last night, I had a dream that LSU was losing really badly to Florida, but in the end the Tigers staged a comeback and pulled out a win. It was a great dream. It was also totally fictional. In real life, LSU lost miserably, and I can hardly think of any redeeming aspect of LSU’s performance last night.

What does this mean for the program this year? I don’t think that LSU looks like a championship caliber team. Florida was the first real test for the Tigers, and they failed it miserably. Before that, their two biggest wins were Auburn and Mississippi State (neither of which are looking very impressive this year). LSU is doing the tag-team quarterback thing, and neither one is all that consistent. Bo Pelini, Glenn Dorsey, and Craig Steltz are gone, and it showed last night. Where’s the defense?

Anyway, there’s much more that could be complained about, but (as Forest Gump would say) that’s all I have to say about that.


  • Ron

    This shows something about your character…I have to hand it to you…most would not have linked to the ESPN video…the score was misery enough! Oh well…there is always next year…you should see and feel how things are here in Oklahoma…that is why I root for UT! Hook em Horns!


  • Barry

    And don’t forget the loss of my white-bread homie Jacob Hester on the offense.

    It was ugly. Props to the Gators. They looked very very good, and if LSU can’t, I hope they win the SEC title as well as the BCS title.

    Of course, now LSU and Fla each have one loss. Perhaps the Tigers can get still get their wits about them and make up for the beating they took in the swamp.

    OU’s loss to Texas was huge as well in all this. Is there any (good) team without a loss this year? Has Alabama lost?

  • Kris

    I know I’m late to this, haven’t had much time to read lately.
    Anyway, this is Les Miles 4th year, right?
    I think he will take LSU down from here just like he did at OSU. Hopefully Tiger fans with influence will see this soon enough and start over with a new CEO of the football team before too much rebuilding needs to take place.

    Boomer Sooner! & Texas is really, really good this year.

    I know, I know 🙂


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