Tim Tebow taken to the hospital after hit to head

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow was taken to the hospital after a bad hit to his head in today’s game against Kentucky. Florida’s Coach Urban Meyer says, “I think it’s a concussion. . . I think he’ll be all right.” For more, see here.

UPDATE: The Associated Press reports that Tebow was released from the hospital this morning. Coach Urban Meyer released this statement: “Tim is doing fine this morning. His CT scans came back and indicated that Tim suffered a concussion. Our medical and athletic training staff will continue to monitor him to determine how much rest and recovery he needs. We will have additional information and updates this week.”


  • Dave Miller

    I have hated the Gators for a long time, and with lots of passion. Tebow is such a great kid, he has me cheering for Florida this year. I can hardly believe it. And I hope he is okay soon. That was pretty scary. He did not even move when he lay on the ground.

  • Darius T

    Matt, did you see the hit? That could have broken his neck.

    I was hospitalized for a concussion back in high school after a car accident (part of it was because they thought my skull was fractured). So it’s not unheard even for normal people, much less sports stars.

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