Boyce College Eschatology Forum with Schreiner, Ware, and Brand

Yesterday morning, I hosted a panel discussion on eschatology at Boyce College : “Tribulation and Millennium.”


The panel met during Boyce’s Wednesday chapel hour and included Dr. Tom Schreiner, Dr. Bruce Ware, Dr. Chad Brand and myself. Among other items of interest, Dr. Schreiner explains why he recently moved from an amillennial position to a premillennial one. I thought this was a fascinating discussion, and I commend it to you.


  • Everett

    Great discussion. I love and respect each of these men. I did find it interesting that even though Schreiner now “leans” toward premill, he still struggled with the idea of recapitulation in Rev. 19. Thanks for the podcast.

  • Jason

    That was a little loaded to one position. Not really a forum in the classic sense if everyone represents the same view.

    Interesting discussion, though.

  • Mark

    Besides the way the two resurrections should be interpreted in Revelation 20:4-5, what really solidified me being firmly in the premillennial camp is how 1) Dr. Schreiner states that Rev 12:7-9 and Rev 20:1-3 don’t line up consistently if they are both talking about the same event, and 2) how Dr. Ware talks about how the beast and the false prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire after the Battle of Armageddon (Rev 19:20) and how Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire AFTER the Millennial reign WHILE the beast and the false prophet are already there (Rev 20:10). I really do not know how non-premillennialists will be able to overcome these points when the attempt to respond to premillennialists in a debate.

  • D Smith

    I favor the amillenial and a partial preterist view. I believe the scripture progresses from the natural glory of The Old Covenant to the spiritual glory of The New Covenant. The New Covenant is greater than The Old Covenant and the spiritual is greater than the natural. Therefore, I do not believe God will reinstate a natural kingdom with a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

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