Tebow Is Always Good in the Clutch

Tim Tebow is good in the clutch, and that includes answering tough (and even dumb) questions from reporters. In what may be the dumbest, most-out-of-bounds question to date, Tebow maintained his composure. Tebow did not get sacked in this encounter, but I hope the reporter does.

P.S. I agree with Kevin Allen’s take on this one.


  • Stan Britton

    It’s ridiculous that this is considered “investigative journalism.” Good for Tim to give a straightforward answer and then laugh at the “journalists” when they were caught off guard by his honesty.

  • Darius T

    You have to understand Matt, it’s been a decade since SEC fans last saw this thing we call “offense”. They loathe the day when Tebow leaves and it returns to being the boring, just-barely-more-exciting-than-the-Big-10 conference that it was before. Let’s face it, when the highlights of post-Wuerffel/pre-Tebow days are a bunch of seven-overtime games, we can all understand the idolatry shown toward him.

  • Brian

    I think Matt gets email updates on anything SEC, so he can go and bash on those sites. Espn agrees Matt…SEC is the better conference! (Now I just stirred up trouble – haha)

  • volfan007

    The Vols are gonna shake things up with Kiffin. This year we may not be just really, really good….we have QB problems…but, the years following… out SEC and the nation. Woooooo hooooo! Go Vols! Beat Bama! Choke the Gators!


    PS. I really like Tebow. He’s not just a great player, but he loves the Lord and is a great influence for the Kingdom of God. I will be glad when he turns pro though.

  • Russ Ware

    This is greatness. I love how comfortably and naturally Tebow handled the awkward question. On the other hand, I’m not sure why Denny thinks this is such a dumb question. Tebow’s faith is, in fact, ‘on his sleevs’ (which is cool), and particularly in the context of college life, I think it’s a great question and a great opportunity for a guy like Tebow to make a ‘big play’ for Christian values.

  • Darius T

    Russ, it’s about the agenda behind the question. The secular left would scream ‘hypocrite’ if Tebow had said no or if it came out that he wasn’t a virgin. Yet they wouldn’t have any problem with most of Tebow’s teammates saying that they’ve slept with 50 women. Ironic that the real hypocrisy lies with the idiot reporters like the one that asked that question. They don’t really care about Tebow’s morals, just undermining his moral authority.

    This just gives further evidence for the need of Christians to not claim perfection but brokenness. We need to tell the world that there is something greater than ourselves that we believe in even though we frequently don’t live up to it.

  • Russ Ware

    Thanks, Darius… I guess I take a little different view. I’m not sure what the motive was behind the question in this case, but either way, it seems like a relevant question to me given the context of Tebow’s openness about his Christian faith

    The real story here is that Tebow shined, and we can pray that his confident and ready answer will make an impact on other students whose respect he commands. We should also pray especially for Tebow, that God will give him the grace to stay strong and pure in a context where temptation to sexual sin must be beyond what most of us could imagine.

    In the end his actions will speak louder than his words.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    Matt Svoboda,

    “NOT TRUE… It was only 8 years ago that [Nebraska was] in the National Championship!”

    Video games don’t count. 🙂

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