• Paul Williamson

    If he hangs tough to the end he deserves a lot of credit. There is a full court press by the extreme wing of his own party attempting to intimidate those who doubt the bill.

    BTW, if abortion is about choice then why would those opting to exercise it demand that others fund their choice of options?

  • Stephen

    As the “tea-party” protesters scream hateful obscenities at lawmakers today, including calling civil rights leaders the n-word, it becomes clear that this entire issue is not about health care. Resistance to health care reform is merely the current channel through the powers of this age are attempting to deny basic human rights to the “least of these” in our society. Shame on you for perpetuating lies, such as the lie that the current legislation funds abortions.

    God is on the side of the poor. When you support oppression, you are lining up on the opposite side from God.


  • Denny Burk


    I have no love fo the tea-partiers. There is a libertarian streak in that movement that I loathe for the same reason that I loathe this healthcare bill–it’s wrong on the abortion issue.

    You are mistaken about about the bill. Some tax-payers will have to purchase insurance plans that find abortions, and they’ll have to write a separate check for the abortion subsidy.

    The unborn are surely among the “least of these” that Jesus talked about. Don’t you think they deserve our support and protection? Their lives are on the line in this bill.


  • Stephen

    Absolutely they are. That’s why you and I should both support socialized health care. Statistics show us that EVERY nation in the world with socialized health care has a lower abortion rate than america. So let’s lower abortions – support socialized medicine.

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