Southern Baptist Identity Conference

Union University hosted an important conference this past weekend titled “Baptist Identity II Conference.” Those who follow the intramural debates among Southern Baptists will be interested in the guests who were invited to speak at this event. The audio from the conference is now available from Union University’s website. At this website, you can sign up for Union’s podcast, which also includes all of the audio from this event.

Among others, speakers include:

Frank Page – “the future of the cooperative program”

Thom Rainer – “evangelism and church growth in the southern baptist convention”

Paige Patterson – “what contemporary baptists can learn from anabaptists”

Russell Moore – “T. T. Eaton” (Founder’s Day Chapel)

David S. Dockery – “the southern baptist convention since 1979”

Gregory A. Thornbury – “the ‘angry young men’ of the sbc”

Ed Stetzer – “toward a missional convention”

Timothy George – “the future of baptist identity in a post-denominational world”

Go visit the conference website or sign up for the podcast to download the rest of the speakers.

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