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John Piper Podcast

In my humble opinion, the best preacher alive today is Pastor John Piper of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love John Piper, his vision of God, and his desire to spread a passion for the supremacy of Christ.

Dr. Piper’s weekly sermons are now available free of charge via podcast. If you have iTunes, it’s very simple to subscribe. Click on this link, and follow the directions. If you are not into podcasting, you can easily download the weekly sermons from the Desiring God website: click here.

I’ve been listening to Piper’s weekly sermons since 1999, and the Lord has used them mightily in my own life. So I commend them to you as well.


  • Trace

    I totally agree. I have been subscribing to his podcasts since I bought my iPod and own just about every book he has written. (I am still trying to get to reading them all and could if it wasn’t for all the NT Survey and Hermeneutics reading assignments!!) I have read about half of them thus far and he truly is a mouthpiece for the Lord. As a church we are about to start giving away “Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ” to every one of our visitors, as I believe that is the best book out there that can give an education to anyone who is reaching out to find out who this Jesus guy is. Even those people that come through that have been believers for awhile can and will learn so much about Christ in that book. I thought I would throw that idea out there. You can buy them bulk for about $6.99 a piece and think it is perfect for anyone…from unsaved to de-churched to new-believers to serious followers. Thanks for the Piper post…you are right on mark.

  • Bryan L

    You know I’ve never been able to get into his preaching. I’ve heard so much about him and was really excited to check him out but when I finally listened to him I couldn’t see what everyone was so impressed by.
    I’m glad other seem so impacted by his ministry though.
    Bryan L

  • D. Taylor Benton


    I would recommend that you watch him preach. I think watching him whether it be live or taped lets you see and feel is passion and desire for the Lord that even though he is passionate on audio it is really hard to convey his “total” message without seeing him.
    They do say that almost 65% of communications is nonverbal so go watch a video of him preaching. Then come back and listen to him, your thoughts will change.

    I started by reading him, then like you, I started listening to him, I can say I like his preaching but wasn’t blown away, and then I had the opportunity to see him live, that transformed my opinion about him and brought fresh “eyes” when listening to him
    in his podcasts.

  • Daniel

    Piper is good, but I don’t know if I would call him the best preacher alive. I would have to agree with his exegesis to give him that nod. I wish that he did a better job explaining the text from a literary background. I guess that theology is more his deal.

    One of my favorite preachers is Chris Dolson, a pastor of an E-free church in Madison, Wisconin. He’s from more of a dispensational background, but a great expositor.

  • Bryan L

    Thanks for the recommendation D. I may try that. Although there are others who I’ve never seen, who preach really deep and who’s sermon grabbed me right away with out even having to give them the benefit of the doubt. Greg Boyd is one of those. Tony Campolo, Fred Craddock, Calvin Miller, John Ortberg are all ones who’s sermons immediately grabbed me and I enjoy immensely.
    But the one who I would say preaches closest to the Bible (background, exegesis, and theology) and can still really keep my attention, who’s not boring and who’s messages have made a big impact in my walk is Rikki Watts, who is Associate Professor of NT at Regent College in Canada. He preaches/teaches at a biweekly service for young adults called the Rock Garden. Great stuff! Check it out if you get a chance.
    Thanks for the tip D.

    Bryan L

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