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Sojourn Music: The Hymns of Isaac Watts

Mike Cosper and Sojourn Music have just released another CD, and it is a block-buster: “Over The Grave: The Hymns Of Isaac Watts, volume one.” I heard these guys play live last week at the Baptist21 meeting held at Sojourn Community Church, and that is where I first heard the song that is my favorite on the album, “Only Your Blood Is Enough.” You can preview this and other songs from the album on their MySpace or Facebook pages.

This is a great album, and I think you should buy it. The music and production value are excellent, and the lyrics are all from Isaac Watts. How can you go wrong with that? Answer: You can’t.


P.S. Here are some songs from one of Sojourn’s previous albums, “Before the Throne.”

We Are Listening


My Maker and My King


Lead Us Back


In the Shadow of the Glorious Cross



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