She’s wiggin out!

I saw this on 22words and found it so hilarious that I had to pass it on. The subject is a woman named Julie waking up from her anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth removed. Her husband Cameron decided to film the whole event for posterity…and out enjoyment. Thanks, Cameron! We appreciate it!


  • James Giordano

    That’s funny. My wife enjoyed watching it and then pointed me to another that is even funnier. Listen as this BYU student wakes up after having his wisdom teethe removed.
    Mormon On Drugs (Short Version) – Tylan Wisdom Teeth

  • Stephen Beck

    Lots of fun. “Did you watch the whole thing?” No, I went and got a shake. Oh, for me?! Yeah, you already drank it. Oh, it was really good. Good…

    Because I didn’t really get you one.


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