Secret Church Is Tonight!

David Platt’s “Secret Church” meeting is tonight at the Church of Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. The event will be simulcast to numerous locations including the campus of Southern Seminary. The theme for the night is “Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel.” Here’s a description:

Manhood. Womanhood. Marriage. Parenting. Singleness. Sex. Divorce. Homosexuality. Same-sex marriage. Polygamy. Pornography. Adoption. Abortion. Cultures around the world perceive each of these issues differently. So how does God’s Word address them? During Secret Church on November 4, 2011, we will explore how the gospel uniquely affects our understanding of family, marriage, sex, and host of related (and controversial) issues that are ultimately foundational for the display of the glory of God in our lives, in the church, and in the world.

For more information about attending, visit here.

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