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Check-out the Pujols Biography

During the World Series last week, you heard sportscasters refer time and again to Albert Pujols personal story. It turns out that Pujols is a Christian and great guy. If you want to understand more about Pujols, his impact on the game, and his impact of other for kingdom purposes, then you should check out the biography written by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth, Pujols: More Than the Game. Folks are already including Pujols’ name among the pantheon of greats: Ruth, Gehrig, Aaron, and Mays. The authors tell quite a story of this growing baseball legend, all the while accentuating “the unseen hand of divine providence” that has shaped the man Albert Pujols has become. Buy it here.

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  • Adam

    Mr. Pujols better be careful or he could destroy his testimony with his pending free agency. It’s hard to wrap your head around the idea that he plays for God’s glory yet seeks the largest possible payday he can get (which is way more money than any normal America will ever see).

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