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Same-Sex Marriage Poised To Win Popular Vote

Supporters of traditional marriage have always been quick to point out that same-sex marriage has never survived a popular vote at the state level. Even in the very blue state of California, Proposition 8 passed with a simple majority. That track record of success for traditional marriage may be about to change. NBC News reports:

After losing some 30 ballots on same-sex marriage across the country over the past decade, advocates of lesbian and gay couples are encouraged by polls showing they have a good chance of finally logging their first victory in a statewide popular vote.

Polls show majorities back same-sex marriage in Maryland, Washington and Maine, and they indicate a tight battle in Minnesota – the four states holding votes on the issue in November.

Whether or not this polling proves to be accurate remains to be seen. Nevertheless, gay marriage supporters are feeling the wind at their backs at this point.

None of this is surprising. The demographics have been moving against traditional marriage for some time now. My generation and younger are simply more accepting of same-sex marriage than their parents were. The result is that the more time passes, the more people there are who support gay marriage and the less there are that oppose it.

What does that mean for Christians? It means that we are quickly moving into to a minority status on the marriage issue. It also means that we can’t be putting our finger to the cultural wind to see what we ought to believe about sexual morality. At the end of the day, the Christian view of marriage doesn’t change even if our culture does. It will fall to us to bear witness to the truth in the coming days, even in the face of opposition. And the opposition will come.

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  • donsands

    “Polls show majorities back same-sex marriage in Maryland…”
    This is my home. I saw a sign in front of a church in my neighborhood saying: “We embrace equality in marriage.”
    If you would have told me two men would be able to “marry” 20 years ago, and wanted to bet me a million dollars. I would have taken 10 to 1 odds on that.
    This absurdness makes the light of truth burn so bright, does it not.
    I hate it, and yet I see that we deserve this falling away in our nation.

    Thanks for the post. God bless you brother, and have a peaceful weekend, and an especially peace filled Lord’s Day!

  • James Stanton

    The early history of the church shows us that the church flourished and was vibrant even when surrounded and vastly outnumbered by worshippers of false gods and idols. The reality of the situation in the United States is that we have fooled ourselves into thinking there was a ever a time when this was a moral God-fearing country. Yes.. it was obviously founded in part on some Christian ideals and the majority claimed some kind of Christianity identity.

    But it occurs to me that we have struggled with some grave national sin throughout our national history that puts the lie to the idol of American exceptionalism from a Christian viewpoint. We had a cleansing and genocide of the native inhabitants of this land along with constitutionally protected slavery. Today we have enshrined constitutional protections for abortion and I wager that soon enough the Supreme Court will end all barriers to gay marriage. Unlike with slavery, the mobilization of passionate Christians is increasingly unlikely to get rid of abortion and gay marriage laws on a national level.

    So to me, this is a clarifying season. Aligning with parties and creeds to try to maintain control over culture is a fool’s errand. The opposition Denny refers to is actually a reactionary movement.

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