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Russell Moore on Climate Change

I read Dr. Russell Moore’s testimony to the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, and it’s a careful reflection on the climate change debate from an evangelical perspective. Dr. Moore does not go along with the Sojourner wing of evangelicalism which has been trying to downgrade life-issues within the consciences of evangelicals. This fact was apparent in Dr. Moore ‘s testimony when he argued the following:

“Evangelical Christians are concerned that any public policy proposals on global warming do not compromise the uniqueness and dignity of humanity. . . Any public policy proposal on global climate change that seeks to enlist the support of evangelicals must address the role of population control in such an agenda. This is especially true in an era when millions of unborn children every year, in the United States alone, lose their lives to abortion; when governments such as that of China coercively determine family size. Evangelical global warming activists assure us they remain committed to the sanctity of human life; and I believe them. But those who are still unsure of the precise contribution of human beings to climate change will be especially attentive to whether any proposal—even one we can support otherwise—does not sacrifice the dignity of human life.”

I certainly couldn’t have said it better myself.

“Faith Leaders Debate Effects Of Limits on Emissions” – Alan Cooperman (Washington Post)

“Religious leaders testify in Senate on warming” – Reuters

Dr. Russell Moore’s Testimony to the Committee


  • Paul

    what Luke said.

    They can be totally separate issues. As a matter of fact, THEY ARE!

    You can say that life is still sacred while telling the EPA to start doing their jobs. You can educate young people on how to keep themselves out of trouble while still mandating that steps need to be taken to reduce our use of fossil fuels.

    I think that this is the latest Republican talking point to keep evangelicals from going to the other side: YOU CAN ONLY BE CONCERNED ABOUT ONE THING AT A TIME!

    Uhh, not so much.

  • Josh

    I didn’t read it that way. I think you can be concerned with one and not the other as to the fact that they can be seperate issues. But still the logical exstension of one will take you to the other.

  • Luke Britt


    The two issues are not the same issue. Global Warming challenges evangelicals to be more aware environmentally and fight for better alternatives, whereas abortion challenges evangelicals to cherish life and fight for the unborn.

    I’m not sure I see Dr. Moore’s point.

    It almost seems like we, as conservatives, can latch onto a couple of items and neglect the rest in the name of a superior battle. Abortion is the supreme battle. Because of the fixation on this one issue, other issues are not being discussed in light of the gospel.

    Gay marriage and abortion are very important issues, but there are other issues that need to be addressed as well.

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