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Debates at the Southern Baptist Convention

I am in San Antonio, Texas right now attending the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention. If anything of interest happens, I will be blogging about it.

A couple of items will be of interest to many of my readers. Dr. Jerry Johnson will be hosting his daily radio program from here at the convention, and he has scheduled a couple of interesting debates to take place at the Criswell College booth tomorrow.

The first debate will be at 1pm between Dr. Mark Coppenger and Dr. Danny Akin over the issue of Calvinism. Dr. Coppenger will be arguing in favor of the Calvinist position, and Dr. Akin will present an opposing position.

The second debate will be at 5pm between Dr. Russell Moore and Pastor Dwight McKissic over the issue of the charismatic gift of speaking in tongues. Pastor McKissic will be arguing a continuationist position, and Dr. Moore will present an opposing position.

If you are at the convention in San Antonio, please come see the debates live at 1pm and 5pm. If you are not in San Antonio, then you can listen to the debates at 5pm on Monday and Tuesday on KCBI Dallas (click here for the live stream).


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