Review of Biblical Literature gets RSS

The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) is the professional guild for scholars of the Bible. The Society includes members from all over the theological, philosophical, and educational spectrums. SBL publishes two main periodicals: The Journal of Biblical Literature (JBL) and Review of Biblical Literature (RBL).

RBL has recently reached the milestone of having published its 5,000th book review. In connection with this achievement, RBL is making its free access to book reviews even easier. RBL now has its own blog, where the reviews published each month will be listed for easy reference: Each book reviewed will be listed in a separate blog entry. The great thing about the blog is that you can easily subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, and every time a new review appears it will also appear instantly in your reader.

This is a great resource that I hope more people will take advantage of.

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