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Requiem for a Nixon Man

Russell Moore’s tribute to Chuck Colson in the most recent issue of Touchstone is a must-read. Really well done. It’s not just a reflection on Colson’s life, but also a meditation on what it meant for Colson to be a “Nixon man.” Here’s an excerpt:

In the weeks and months after the death of Chuck Colson, many of us have reflected on how God changed the old White House “hatchet man,” the dirty trickster who participated in perhaps the greatest challenge to the American constitutional system in over two hundred years of our history. I was -perturbed to read newspaper and website accounts of Colson that treated him, after his death, as though he were still the Watergate criminal, as though his work in the prisons for nearly forty years after his conviction was just some way to “atone” for his crimes…

With the loss of Chuck Colson, we’ve lost a Christian hero. We’ve also lost a living picture of what it means to be a trophy of God’s grace. Let’s remember him as he would have us do. Let’s remember him as one who stood with the prisoners and the orphans, with the unborn and the addicted. Let’s remember him as one who stood up for the meaning of marriage and for compassion for those on death row. Let’s remember him as a loyal follower of Jesus Christ. And yes, along with all that, as a Nixon man, too.

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