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“The Bible’s Big Story” by Jim Hamilton

Jim Hamilton is a prolific author. His commentaries and monographs on scripture are serving the church and enriching the field of biblical theology. Because of this work, most readers know Hamilton as a scholar. Few readers, however, know that he is also a pastor, a father, and a poet. But indeed he wears all of those hats, and that is why one of his most recent works is an excellent little book for children titled The Bible’s Big Story: Salvation History for Kids.

The substance of the book is a narrative poem that he wrote for his own children to set forth for them the whole story of scripture. In this story, Jesus is the centerpiece. He’s the anticipation of the Old Testament, and the central focus of revelation in the New. And so Hamilton unfolds the story from Adam and Eve in the garden to the New Heavens and the New Earth in Revelation. The scope is vast. The presentation is simple. The illustrations are by Tessa Janes, and the whole thing is really well done.

If you know any kiddos who need to know the Bible’s big story (and I think that’s all of them, right?), then you should buy this book. It’s an excellent resource, and I heartily commend it to you.


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