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Read the Greek NT in One Year

Here’s a schedule for reading the New Testament over the course of a year. For the most part, it tracks pretty closely with Lee Irons’ excellent schedule for reading the Greek New Testament in a year. My plan, however, varies a little bit. Because John’s writing is simpler Greek, my schedule goes through John’s Gospel at a faster pace than Irons’. As a result, there are no readings scheduled at the end of the year from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve. These open dates at the end can be used as catch-up days. The schedule is given in two formats below.

DOC – Read the Greek NT in a Year

PDF – Read the Greek NT in a Year


  • Tim Webb

    Dr. Burk,

    I’ve used Iron’s plan in the past, and I’ve already started his in 2011, but I’ll switch to yours and give it a spin. Also, yours will work for any year, which is a plus. Thanks for sharing!

    Any plan for sharing a plan to read the Hebrew Bible in 2011? Maybe a 5-year plan? 🙂

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