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Radio Show on the Emerging Church

Some readers of this blog have requested the audio of the recent radio show I hosted. The show was about the emerging church, and I did an interview with Scot McKnight, professor of religious studies at Northpark University in Chicago Illinois. I also interviewed Jim Hamilton, professor of biblical studies of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Right click on the following link, and select “save as” if you want to download the MP3 of the interviews.

Denny’s interviews with Scot McKnight and Jim Hamilton on Jerry Johnson Live

The most important thing about this show is that it is probably the only time that the Indigo Girls have ever or will ever be played on KCBI Dallas. 🙂


  • Rileysowner

    Interesting interview with Dr McKnight. While I cannot say that I share his optimistic outlook on the EC. The more I look at the EC, the more it seems like Liberal theology and modernism in different clothing.

  • D. Taylor Benton

    I don’t know Denny,

    My heart strings are pulled when speaking of the EC. The main reason is that most of the EC “members” so to speak are very poorly represented. At least that is what I have found in more cases than not here in LoooeyVille. I think the “representatives” of the EC are mostly a bunch warmed over Hippies that are just coming off of their road trips and are still waving the banner of anti-establishment in any way shape or form. But at the same time I think we as “stiff necked Calvinistic Southern Baptists” can learn from the EC in their pragmatic application of ministry and true community. Most EC folks have more of a christian fellowship than any “covered dish” meeting we SB’s can ever dream up. Real accountability and relationships. Obviously they need to define what the christian faith is and living a christian life is. other than that, awesome show Denny, You might need to knock old Al off the air up here! give him a break because we are in a crisis if you don’t know.

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