Pro-death Feminist Propaganda

Don’t believe everything you read. Especially the obfuscations of Kate Michelman and Frances Kissling in today’s New York Times. Their OP-ED is more of the tired, old, feminist propaganda that entirely misses the point of the abortion debate.

They pillory congressional Democrats who supported the pro-life Stupak amendment to the healthcare bill passed last week. They charge pro-life Democrats with risking the “well-being of millions of women” and with undermining “reproductive rights.” Once again, the pro-death feminists show not one scintilla of concern for the unborn. They even complain that Democrat leaders are now using the term “pro-life” instead of the pejorative “anti-choice.”

Here’s the bottom line. It is wrong to kill innocent human beings. Unborn babies are innocent human beings. Therefore, we should not kill or ask our government to subsidize the killing of unborn babies. That’s the elephant in the room that Michelman and Kissling don’t want to talk about. Indeed, they can’t talk about it. If they did, they know that they will have lost the debate.


  • Mrs. Webfoot

    Either I’m in a weird mood, or I need new glasses – or both – but I understood the article to be talking about killing feminists by throwing them off donkeys!

    No, I am definitely NOT in favor of any such thing as death by being thrown off donkeys. No, not at all. I LOVE feminists. It’s the idealogy I can’t stand.

    I wouldn’t mind if the pro-choice feminists left the Democratic Party, though. Maybe then I could vote Dem. again.

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